Carleton Port

Navigation and operating data


Port activities
The wharf at Carleton serves occasional commercial traffic (2 to 3 ships per year) especially to move wood to regional sawmills or to receive road salt.  
This wharf is closed to traffic from December to April except when needed.

Secondary role(s) of facilities
The wharf provides physical protection to the marina as well as to the installations of the fishermen operating along the south side.

There is no channel between the wharf and navigable waters.

Marine references

  • Lat. 48o06'00" N 
  • Long. 66o07'54" W
  • Nautical chart: no. L/C 4486 and 4921
  • Tidal range (mean water level): 3.0 m (1)
  • Height of wharf deck: 4.2 m (1)

 Storage capacity

 Other facilities (2)

  • Marina (Breakwater)
  • Spur wharf (Fisheries and Oceans)

 Other nearby marine facilities

  • Port of Dalhousie, New Brunswick, 30 km southwest (Transport Canada, Atlantic Region)
  • Port of Paspebiac, 85 km East
 Other modes of transportation
  • Highway 132 nearby
  • Railway running through the municipality

 Navigation features

  • Occasional need for an icebreaker in the spring
  • Generally accessible from May to December

 Manoeuvring area on wharf
 Available width: 25 m (Operational safe bearing capacity constraints are imposed along most of the length of the  commercial wharf)

 Available services

  • Drinking water
  • Fuel
  • Stevedoring
  • Supplies
  • Minor repairs

 (1) Based on chart datum

 (2) Privately owned or other facilities not under the juridiction of Transport Canada but located within the limits of the port or terminal.

Physical parameters of facilities

Berth number 1
Length of berth(s) 134.0 m
Depth of berth(s) * 72.0 m
Bearing capacity of loading area ***


 * These depths may vary and are only provided as an order of magnitude. They are subject to change and are not to be used for navigational purposes.
 Mariners should rather consult nautical charts and NOTSHIPs.

 ** Note
 The information contained in this technical description may be inaccurate as a result of changes that have taken place by the time this document is consulted
or as a result of legislative or regulatory changes. This information is provided only as a guide and the Government
of Canada is not in any way responsible for its accuracy.
Source: Transport Canada

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